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        There is a lot to do in São Luís and its surrounding vicinities. In São Luís, the Centro Historico is a good start. One can discover a little of the local history by taking a walk through the area and enjoy the old streets, plazas, staircases, fountains, monuments, churches, and the buildings' architecture and their uncountable details: tiles, towers, door frames, and balconies. For those who enjoy nature, as an island, the City offers a number of white sandy beaches such as Ponta d'Areia, São Marcos, Calhau, Olho d'Agua, and Aracagi. The local culinary offers vistors a number of exotic dishes among which the most famous are arroz de cuja, peixada, and torta de camarao. Also not to be missed are the tropical fruit juices and cakes.
June is one of the most exciting times in São Luís as celebrations are underway to horon Santo Antonio, São Joao, São Pedro, and São Marcal. It is the time of quadrilha, bumba-meu-boi, tambor de criola and arraial.
São Luís nightlife is filled with options: from lots of bars offering live music along the Litoranea, to restaurants spread throughout the City, to shows and tours at the Centro Historico.